This is a portal site for some information about the Cleaveland family.

Genealogy of the Benner and Cleaveland Families

Covering relatives of  Richard and Barbara Cleaveland. This section of the site has been removed at the request of some of the living members of the family. Selected details may be obtained by genealogists by contacting cleave@rgcle.com.
The surname CLEVELAND/CLEAVELAND  An extract from the Genealogy of the Cleveland and Cleaveland Families, published in 1899.
The Nobel Trip of 1987
Describing experiences related to the awarding of the Nobel Prize to Charles J. Pedersen in 1987
Passenger list of the Empress of Australia, voyage 1 Charles J. Pedersen was a passenger on this trip.

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Alumni of the Shorewood High School Class of 1944 This is an ongoing status of the members of the graduates of the class of 1944 of the Shorewood High School, Shorewood, Wisconsin, of which Richard Cleaveland was a member. Shorewood is a suburb of Milwaukee.

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